Fearing Life or Death?

There are a lot of parts of life that confuse the hell out of me and I know that will never cease because life is an ever-changing and ever-growing process. It’s when you think you’ve got life all figured out that it turns around and points a finger and laughs quite righteously in your face. It’s unfair and cruel and downright frustrating!

Last night though, I read a re-post on Tumblr that said:

and to be honest, not only did I feel confused but I felt slightly annoyed as well. I know it’s not in my right to feel annoyed, and this probably shows the extent of my naivety because I know people feel how they feel and they think what they think. I accept that and like I mentioned before, life is tough; there’s no doubt about it. I don’t think it gets any easier for any of us but why should you be afraid of living?

I think people are so focused on the fact that they’ll make mistakes, that they’ll fuck up, and they’ll do all the wrong things at all the wrong times that they forget that’s not all there is to life. Just because there are a lot of things that can potentially go wrong, that doesn’t mean you should let the fear of it stop you from living. Perhaps choosing a career path that is focused on my working with people who fight so hard for a means to live and struggle on an daily basis for their rights to survive that it makes me … sad that people don’t appreciate the life they’ve been given.

I know I’m a hypocrite in saying what I’m saying because I too have been in a position where I was too caught up in the negative situations of my life that I was more afraid of continuing than giving up on it. Perhaps that’s what it takes for people to change their perspectives on life, but that also makes me sad knowing that maybe it has come to that…

Again, I’m not saying you should be afraid of dying but LIVING, the act of life, is one of the greatest things that that higher power, being or whatever it is you believe in, can give to a person. Maybe I’m misunderstanding or misinterpreting that quote and I’m most likely going off on a tangent here (eh, I just got home from a 14-hour work day) but what I get from reading that quote (and seeing all the ‘likes’ and ‘re-blogs’ of it) is that too many people are going about leading a life based on their fears rather than living a life overcoming their fears–which is ironically life itself. Opinions?


ps. I do realize that I might not make any sense. Or I’m just rambling. Just tell me to shut up! Haha

Author: inidna

I was born in the arms of imaginary friends. Free to roam, made a home of everywhere I've been.

7 thoughts on “Fearing Life or Death?”

  1. I think that it’s grand that you acknowledge the hypocrisy of your statement. I love how people can be honest with themselves, but in doing so cause eye-opening epiphanies that connect their personal lives with universal principles in life. I don’t care if others don’t think this isn’t a universal principle in life. It is to me, and it’s refreshing to hear someone wake up to those ideas. There is nothing greater than to reward yourself with a better life. There is nothing greater than realizing each day you’ve grown wiser. We are all budding philosophers in our time!🙂

    1. Thanks Olea🙂 The world is much too full of hypocrites and I’m one who will never deny it. Ever since this job I’ve had my perspectives on different things change almost every day. I actually do realize the extent of my naivety and yes, while it can be embarrassing at times, at least I’m acknowledging it and opening my mind to more things to … broaden my horizons… become more wholesome. Haha the like. But I do agree, there’s nothing greater than to reward yourself with a better life. I get that life may be tough, believe I do, but that doesn’t mean you give up trying. To me, that is more a failure than trying and not succeeding.

    1. My internet is being a poop and not loading anything shorter than 0.00 so I shall have to wait till tomorrow perhaps (while I’m at work) to watch this…. But I should probably ask, work appropriate (ish)?

  2. I think a lot of people are afraid, all the time, for whatever reason. Afraid to open the front door, afraid to take chances, afraid of change. I suppose the whole crux of the matter is, you. The ‘you’ inside who makes decisions daily and tells yourself to get on with life. Maybe some don’t have the ability and are just left wanting and waiting for death. As if life is a test and they’d rather end it now even take part. Sad, I know, but I suppose it depends what your life is like and what ‘cards’ life dealt you at the start.
    Another thought provoking blog, Andini, and now I go out and face life as in …work… yukky!!! xPenx

    1. Yeah I do understand that people are afraid of many things for different reasons… But I don’t think that anybody should be afraid to live their lives… Again, perhaps showing my naivety more than I care to, but… It does make me sad knowing people don’t have that move for life. It makes me sad knowing that people can be made to not have that motivation for life too. Life may deal you some horrid hands at the start, but I’ve known many people who have come to face the situation, deal with it and not let it overcome them. It takes a strong person, but it’s not impossible (at least I don’t think so). I mean I’m living in a country that survived years of oppression, torture and genocide and even though they’re still riddled with problems, people are making an effort to better their lives in any way they can… Anywaaays, haha don’t want to get too deep! Hope you had a good time at work Pen!!🙂

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