An Escape From Reality

I’ve spent the last few days of my holiday (it’s been only two days so far to be honest) immersed in a TV show full of magic, mystery, drama, adventures and of course we cannot forget: love. ‘Merlin’ is a British fantasy-adventure TV series that follows the early years of Merlin before Arthur Pendragon became King of Camelot. I first saw it on TV while I was living in Melbourne (God that feels ages ago!) but I never got the chance to watch it fully as I’d miss out on a few episodes and had no time to catch up from where I left off. So when I bought DVDs to watch for my little ‘home alone staycation’ and saw the series on the shelf I thought it’d be a good time to finally watch it.

I haven’t left my TV/Computer screen since Friday morning watching the show and I’ve now gone on to Season 3 already! I was hooked from the very first episode and I’m still loving every minute of it. It is different to other Merlin series in the fact that it uses modern language (a lot) and has a more ‘modern’ feel to it but I like it just the same🙂 While it has a lot of drama, action/adventures, it also has humor which I don’t remember finding as much in other versions and I think that gives it a nice balancing touch!

There’s something about this part of ‘history’ that always intrigues me. I don’t know if it’s because there are so many counts of magic and mystery that are involved in these ‘legends’ but I can say it’s definitely one of the things that pulls me in! To know that there are so many possibilities of these crazy, yet amazing, things that can happen during this period has my imagination soaring! I’ve always wondered what it would be like to live in such a time (if it really existed).

I remember when I was in middle/high school I’d go to the library and look at the fantasy section to find books full of adventures and dragons, sorcerers, knights and kingdoms, and being so sucked into them that I would read everywhere I’d go just to finish the book and get to the next one! It’s unfortunate that I no longer remember the names of these books, but I do remember what the covers look like (oh, me and names… but that’s for another post) and I definitely remember how much I enjoyed them! Actually, I think one of the series’ that I read and loved so much was ‘The Enchanted Forest Chronicles’:

Watching this show has made me want to read these kinds of books once again. I know that in essence many people think you don’t “get much” out of reading them, but after a hard day’s work it’s nice to let the imagination roam free – and we could all do with a little more use of our imaginations these days! I’m particularly excited to start reading The Pendragon Cycle’ which is about the legendary Arthurian Britain. Now all I have to do is find an online bookstore/seller that ships to Cambodia; which is a near impossible task by itself!

If anyone likes these kinds of stories/movies, I recommend you check out Merlin (you can find the series online if it’s not showing on any channels wherever you are). I’m going to go back to watching it! Hope everyone has a great Saturday/weekend🙂


Author: inidna

I was born in the arms of imaginary friends. Free to roam, made a home of everywhere I've been.

6 thoughts on “An Escape From Reality”

  1. Lol, sorry I love the fantasy and was enveloped in that sort of imagination back in my day as well. But my brother’s name is Merlin, so anytime I come across this subject I kind of chuckle😛

    Anyway — DEALING WITH DRAGONS!!! YOU JUST MADE ME SUPER NOSTALGIC!!! And that cover! Ugh! Makes me wanna read too! Look what you did to me😛

    Enjoy your show😀

    1. LOL Wow, your brother’s name is Merlin? That’s awesome! Haha (that’s my geek speaking out). How cool. It would only be better if the magic powers came along with it eh!😉

      Yep, Dealing With Dragons! I hope that those books have been put online and you can now buy them! I so wouldn’t mind having a look through them again although I’m scared it would shatter the idea of what I thought it was before! Meep. I asked my parents to buy me a fantasy-adventure book on their return trip from China and they got me “I am Number Four” (as in the movie!). Ugh. Haha I need to get me some REAL books!

      Hope you had a good weekend Joyce!

  2. I too watch this show, Andini, although the script writers have played about with the premise of the original storyline and changed the way the characters first meet, such as Arthur and Guinevere, (she was never a servant) but somehow it WORKS, I’ve watched it from day one expecting to hate it BUT no…I love it!!
    As I also love Dragons, Anne McCaffrey writes some marvellous stories about them, I’ve read nearly all of her Pern Series. I would highly recommend them (I think they’re the basis of my Fyrespike stories!!)
    Thanks for the chance to talk about one of my favourite subjects..DRAGONS!! and magic and mystery!! xpenx

    1. I do realize that they changed the original storyline and the way characters meet (Gwen definitely was not a servant and neither was she dark skinned originally)! BUT I still enjoy it🙂 I particularly like the fact that the actors aren’t all ‘famous’ so to say. I think that changes the way the story unfolds too! I can’t wait till Season 4 comes out! Hehe…
      Ah yes, I’ve heard of the Pern Series. Hope that I can find an order for it online (to be delivered here too)! I was wondering if Fyrespike was created based on an adventure-fantasy series or something. Great stuff Pen! Thanks for stopping by🙂

    1. Ha, that’s true actually. Probably not a great period to live in though if I could time travel I’d probably choose this period to go to and see it from an ‘outsider’ point of view!

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